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Welcome to our family archives, a central repository for family photos, stories, information etc., that anyone (with permission) can view, add to and edit. If you would like access to the archives you will need to be given an account. Any currently registered user can do this for you; just ask someone (if you're already a user, you can add an account for someone else very easily.

Below is a summary of some of the current activity on this site. If you would like to see more here, get an account and start editing! You may be familiar with Wikipedia (we're using the same software as it), and really this is a similar idea: a 'wikipedia' just for the family: a secure, long-term and — most importantly — accessible place for all of our stuff.

Current Work

The seven Leake sisters in 1904.
Not quite knowing where to start, Sam started with going through Judy's (wonderful) recipe book and uploading and linking that material. The photo at right of the seven Leake sisters, for example, or the article on George Walpole Leake.

Then Ron and Sam uploaded a bunch of documents that Rae wrote about ten years ago (recovering them from an old floppy disc; now they're here and secure). They need to be read through and incorporated into the site properly (like we started doing with Agnes Hay Wilson's article).

Other Websites

Most public information is on and Wikipedia. We're adding things there in preference to here, where there is no privacy concern (i.e. for generally-available information, usually).