Joan Leake Salom (née Hall)

Joan Leake Hall was born on 24 August 1919 in Roeburne,1 the youngest of the three children (all daughters) of Harold Aubrey Hall and Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) .

She married Maurice Salom , and they had no children.

"Hall is a pleasant, nice looking girl with a shy, ladylike manner. She is polite, [?] spoken and unobtrusive. She's taking over as Office WAAAF in this Area, she has been the only WAAAF officer in the Command and whereas, by virtue of the small numbers under the command and their concentration at Pearce, the job has not been a difficult one, the very absence of WAAAF troubles of any sort must be taken as indicative of satisfactory work on her part." —8 Jan 1947, D.R. Chapman, SOA.[2]

Died aged 73 in 1993. Memorial in the Karrakatta rose gardens (Lawn 2, Garden GGC, position 10).[3]

  1. Family Notices (1919, November 5). The West Australian, p. 1. Retrieved October 23, 2016, from "HALL.—On August 24, at Roebourne, to Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Hall---a daughter (Joan Leake)." 

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