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Person Date of Birth Date of Death Wikipedia Wikidata WikiTree FamilySearch
Ada Maud Florence Solberg (née Hall) 9 March 1875 Small Wikidata logo Q113960966 Hall-22141 LDWF-B1Q
Agnes Hay Wilson Wilson-85055
Alan Louis Mathew Berryman
Andrew Oswald Wilson 12 October 1866 19 June 1950 Andrew Wilson (architect) Small Wikidata logo Q21664073 Wilson-85028 LDWF-YKK
Arthur Oliver Lodge 7 April 1933 9 October 2022 Arthur Lodge Small Wikidata logo Q42593917 Lodge-1951 GWMQ-4Y2
Charles William McHarg Wilson
Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall) 9 August 1912 12 May 1993 Small Wikidata logo Q77018876 Hall-55123 G7Y2-1V2
Constance Janet Martin
Corporal William (Bill) Byron (c.1855–1919) 30 November 1854 2 June 1919 Small Wikidata logo Q96273605 Byron-783
Daphne June Robinson
Dennis Lodge Martin 30 September 1916 1 July 1945 Small Wikidata logo Q89700272 Martin-80315 GZTY-Z6R
Derrick Mowbay Robertson
Dorothy Jean McHarg Wilson
Edith Olive Hall Hall-22340
Ernest Albert Donegan 26 May 1887 23 December 1956 Small Wikidata logo Q63610065 Donegan-194
Frank Bertram Hussey 26 April 1908 11 May 1985 Small Wikidata logo Q32059531 Hussey-2509 M3ZC-ZX6
Frederick Gordon Wilson Wilson-84994
Frederick Lodge Martin
Garrick Agnew 21 September 1930 3 August 1987 Garrick Agnew Small Wikidata logo Q5523974 Agnew-1967 97YQ-V5Y
George Lazenby 30 September 1807 30 November 1894 George Lazenby (cabinetmaker) Small Wikidata logo Q17479330 Lazenby-327 KDBN-K7M
Gervase Clifton
Gladys Jean Smith
Grace Hall
Hannah Boyd Lazenby
Harold Aubrey Hall 20 May 1871 11 January 1963 Small Wikidata logo Q33169956 Hall-47093 MWQK-S43
Helen Margaret Hall 10 July 1915 21 February 2000 Small Wikidata logo Q58030897 Hall-55121 G7Y2-R7V
Helen Nelson
Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) 3 April 1888 30 November 1966 Small Wikidata logo Q96755346 Lodge-1830 LDWV-9P5
Henry Edward Hastings Hall 30 November 1789 20 April 1859 Small Wikidata logo Q46165389 Hall-4122 LZW7-RQ3
Henry Ernest Hall
Henry Soutter Lodge
Herbert Bruce Wilson
Hubert Sylvian Hall
Ian Wallman
Iris Arnold
James Anderton Hall
James Herbert Hamersley Hall
James Herbert Wilson 6 February 1872 1 June 1942 Small Wikidata logo Q108117390 Wilson-84877 KZ42-CX9
James William Lang
Janet Wilson (née Garrick)
Jessie M. Bowden
Jessie Wilson
Joan Leake Salom (née Hall) 24 August 1919 14 August 1993 Small Wikidata logo Q94465147 Hall-55124 G7YL-7NL
Joan Soutter Martin (née Lodge) 30 November 1892 27 January 1990 Small Wikidata logo Q122696293 Lodge-1947 KZJ1-885
John Bruan Luard Gilmore
John Dulford Walrond
Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Hall
Lilian Bertha Ella Hall
Lilian Helena Bruce
Lilian Rae Hussey (née Wilson) Small Wikidata logo Q108122058 Wilson-85026 GZBC-YFK
Lily Clifton
Luke Leake Leake-768
Lynda Amy Kathleen Innes
Madge Louise Clifton
Mary McHarg
Maurice Salom
Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton
Nancy Lodge
Norman Martin
Olive Adele Wilson
Patricia Helen Robertson (née Martin) 30 November 1920 Small Wikidata logo Q112970816 Martin-76669
Peter Beresford Hall
Peter Innes Donegan 5 June 1913 18 January 1939 Small Wikidata logo Q63609937 Donegan-264 G7YL-5NP
Robert David Garrick Agnew
Robert Gordon Agnew
Robert John Lodge
Robert John Lodge, Snr. 30 November 1810 1 April 1893 Small Wikidata logo Q98156438 Lodge-258 LHT3-W6Y
Rosamund Agnew
Rose Ellen Leake (née Gliddon) Gliddon-20
Samuel Lodge 11 February 1829 5 September 1897 Samuel Lodge Small Wikidata logo Q7412031 Lodge-267 LC7K-N3Y
Sarah Constance Lodge (née Leake) 31 December 1859 15 May 1939 Small Wikidata logo Q76372232 Leake-547 K41K-WK5
Sarah Theodosia Branson
Syndey Randel Hall
Thomas Alexander John Lodge
Thomas Soutter Lodge
Thomas Strong Hall
Tita Clifton
William Murray Wilson 4 June 1914 28 September 1953 Small Wikidata logo Q88222462 Wilson-84876 LDWF-Y3Q
William Shakespeare Hall 25 December 1825 11 February 1895 William Shakespeare Hall Small Wikidata logo Q8018316 Hall-22337 LZW7-5LZ
William Shakespeare Hall jr.
William Wilson (1839–1914) 30 November 1838 2 May 1914 Small Wikidata logo Q113009772 Wilson-85027
William Wilson (c1798–1873) 30 November 1797 30 October 1873 Small Wikidata logo Q113009822 Wilson-100255