Lilian Rae Hussey (née Wilson)

\photo{Rae_Hussey_in_New_Guinea_1943.png}{Rae in New Guinea, 1943.1}

  1. 1943 Australian and American Nurses, Rae Hussey, New Guinea \url{} ``Censorship pass expires 2.5.43. Passed by operational censor. Photo no. 14556. Issued by Department of Information, Commonwealth of Australia. Australian and American nurses in New Guinea: When Australian and Americans meet and chat by the side of a road somewhere in New Guinea. The group includes:--- Miss N. Lanouette of Milford, New Hampshire, Sister R. Wilson of Perth, Western Australia, Miss Mary King of Stamps, Arkansas, Sister P. McDonald of Adelaide, South Australia, and Miss Helen Gray of Washington, D.C.'' 

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