Peter Innes Donegan

The eldest of three children of \bioref{Ernest_Albert_Donegan} and \bioref{Lynda_Amy_Kathleen_Innes}, born on 5 June 1913.

He married \bioref{Helen_Margaret_Hall} on 15 September 1936 in St Georges Cathedral in Perth.1 They had one daughter, in 1938.2 He died in an aviation accident on 18 January 1939 in \idx{Katherine} in the Northern Territory.

  1. Western Australian registry of Marriages, 1936. Registration number 1472 in the district of Perth. 

  2. Family Notices (1938, March 15). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA: 1931--1954), p. 14. Retrieved October 31, 2018, from \url{} ``DONEGAN.---To Mr. and Mrs. Peter Donegan, Prospect---a daughter, at Berklea Hospital, Prospect.'' 

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