Storage location: Folder 2

This page represents a storage location in the archives. It is also available as a PDF and a CSV.

Black Albox 25mm 3-ring polypropylene binder.

The 13 items below are ordered according to their physical position in the storage location.

Item 178 – Stockmen, Carnarvon, (folder2)
Item 182 – Con and Ray Courtney, Carnarvon, (folder2)
Item 179 – Stockmen, back of office, Carnarvon, (folder2)
Item 185 – Constance Hall crabbing in Carnarvon, (folder2)
Item 183 – Bathing in a water tank on Perret's plantation, Carnarvon, (folder2)
Item 181 – Pat Donegan on the Fascine, Carnarvon, (folder2)
Item 180 – Carnarvon Fascine, (folder2)
Item 176 – Aubrey Hall in Cossack, Western Australia, (folder2)
Item 174 – Margaret Hall canoeing in Carnarvon, (folder2)
Item 173 – Float, Carnarvon Jetty, 1930s, (folder2)
Item 175 – Belang Pool in the Pilbara, (folder2)
Item 177 – Unknown station homestead from hill, (folder2)
Item 184 – Carnarvon Fascine, in front of 113 Olivia Tce, (folder2)