Storage location: Unknown storage location

This page represents a storage location in the archives. It is also available as a PDF and a CSV.

This is a pseudo storage location, for items whose physical location we do not know.

The 11 items below are ordered according to their physical position in the storage location.

Item 220 – Australian and American nurses in New Guinea, (unknown)
Item 6 – Letter from A.S. Roe to H.A. Hall, (unknown)
Item 22 – Daughters of Pioneers, (unknown)
Item 1 – Seven Leake sisters in 1904, (unknown)
Item 2 – Letter to Rose Clifton (née Leake) from her sister Connie Leake, (unknown)
Item 221 – Interview with Joan Martin, (unknown)
Item 217 – Oval portrait of Helen Rose Lodge, (unknown)
Item 216 – Memoir of Early Life by Rev. Samuel Lodge, (unknown)
Item 11 – Autobiography by Constance Berryman, 1983, (unknown)
Item 208 – Jim at work at the PWD, (unknown)
Item 166 – Letter from James Anderton Hall to his brother, (unknown-item)