Charles William McHarg Wilson

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Charlie Wilson was born in Fizroy on 26 September 1873 to William Wilson and Mary Wilson (née McHarg). The order of his middle names varies in some sources.

When he was twelve years old, his brother Andrew (who was teaching in a school in Warrnambool) asked him to buy some items in Melbourne and post them to him. A money order was included, and Charlie made the purchases — but made sure to keep 10% of the funds back, as a commission to himself! The family was not impressed with this, especially as Andrew was at the time sending most of his wage home (something that their other brothers had also done).

Charlie later became apprenticed to his uncle Robert, who had a high-class grocery store in Melbourne. After about only a year Robert broke the apprenticeship, causing Charlie to sue his uncle and to be awarded £1,000 in compensation.

With this sum, Charlie moved to Perth and started his timber merchant business CM Wilson Pty Ltd.

By about 1920 he was back in Melbourne, and built his house Linlathen at 133 Mont Albert Road in Canterbury, Victoria.

In 1948 Charles Wilson lent his niece-in-law Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) £1,000.

He lived at Linlathen until his death in 1957. He had developed Parkinson's disease.


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