Carnarvon Presentation Convent School, 1927–28

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School class photograph from the Catholic school in Carnarvon, Western Australia.

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Presentation Convent - Carnarvon

Row 1: George Fane; Len Fenner; Williams; Paddy Williams; Theo Hall; John Marmion; Harry Green (wonka); Noel Glass; Don Willesee; Eddie Ward; Jack Williams; Bill Marmion; Jack Knuckey dec.; Billy Thomas; Ken Quan Sing.

Row 2: Mary Rogers; Adeline Aakins; Dorothy Fletcher; Gwyn Hall; Valerie Jenner; Mary King; Minnie Morgan; [illegible]; Beryl Kopke; Joy Loudin; Sally Bird; Margaret Baston; Connie Hall; Alma Morgan; Millicent Glen; Mavis Morgan; Mary Lefroy; Olga Loudin; Maude Davis.

Row 3: Patsy Lowrey; ? Ryan; Emily Stoneham; Lotus Lamond; Ruth Baston; Norah Parry; Amy Fletcher; Janet Seaton; Thelma Daulley; Roslyn Glen; Gladys Seater; (Clare) Bonnie Anges; Lesley King; Margaret Hall; Pam Hoston; Julia Louden; Eileen Halden; Sideral Quam Sing; Biddy Fane; Betty Rogers.

Row 4: Addy Thornett; Gethin Genus; May Fenner; Bonnie Hes; Valerie Lamond; Ollie Morgan; Patty King; Vivienne Angelo; Thetis Glaris; Agnes King; Margaret Marmion; Bridget Fane.

Row 5: Colin Clark; Donald Fleming; Len Campbell; Reg Hall; Rex Hammond; Selmyn Clark; Dong Williams; Alec Fleming; Winston Quan King; Geoff Holden; John Holden; Terrence Ryan.

Williams: Jack, Paddy, Doug.


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