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Small Wikidata logo Cossack (Q3695229): ghost town in Western Australia

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Item 78 – Warehouse and office, Cossack, (folder1-64)
Item 136 – Cossack from the hill above the cemetery, (folder1-124)
Item 152 – Ernest, Aubrey, and Hannah Hall, (folder1-140)
Item 111 – Ernest Hall, Eric Stanley, Aubrey Hall, and Helen Lodge in Cossack, c. 1909, (folder1-98)
Item 46 – Hall family house at Cossack (reprint), (folder1-159)
Item 73 – Thought to be Bill Byron at his camp, (folder1-43)
Item 157 – Margaret and Joan at Cossack with cats, (folder1-145)
Item 162 – Lighter carrying sheep, off Cossack, (folder1-156)
Item 165 – Margaret and Joan Hall, Cossack, (folder1-155)
Item 176 – Aubrey Hall in Cossack, Western Australia, (folder2)
Item 160 – Joan Hall and Helen Glen standing on turtle, (folder1-148)
Item 164 – Site of Hall family house, Cossack, 1963, (folder1-154)
Item 149 – Cossack Bond Store, (folder1-137)
Item 69 – Cossack Courthouse during the new museum opening weekend, (folder1-34)