Wooramel Station

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Small Wikidata logo Wooramel Station (Q14935937): sheep station in Western Australia

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Item 29 – Wendy Ayers nee Hutchinson, baby with rabbit (folder1-44)
Item 166 – Letter from James Anderton Hall to his brother, (unknown-item)
Item 45 – Ernest Hall and family, in laden car, (folder1-77)
Item 9 – Norman Watson, Helen Hall, Gwyn Hutchinson at Wooramel c.1926, (folder1-60)
Item 95 – Ernest Anderton Hall with son Henty at Wooramel, (folder1-81)
Item 222 – Cricket at Wooramel, (folder2)
Item 41 – Joan near the cottage at Wooramel, (folder1-4)
Item 28 – Faded colour photo of a bore flowing, (folder1-36)
Item 11 – Autobiography by Constance Berryman, 1983, (unknown)