James Herbert Wilson

At the Perth Barracks, c.1900.

James Herbert Wilson (known as 'Jim' to everyone save his mother; she called him Herbert) was born on 6 February 1872 in Collingwood, Melbourne1 to Mary McHarg and William Wilson (1839–1914) .

The family had land in Kinglake in Murrindindi Shire,2 and in his early 20s Jim went there to grow potatoes so that he could earn some money to support the family3 back in Melbourne. While he was living up there in a small shack he built himself, his younger sister Jessie died of TB, and his brother Andrew moved to Perth to practise Architecture.3.

At the peak of the gold rush, c.1890–95, Jim followed him and they went to find gold in Kalgoorlie, but with no luck3.

He married Edith Olive Hall on 30 January 1904 in Perth,45 when they were living in a rented house in Lyall Street in South Perth.3

"and then I think after Jean and Gordon were born, he had a stroke of luck and won 100 pounds, whether on a horse or a lottery or a raffle I have no idea, but the result was that he was the owner of two blocks of land west of Subiaco. Andrew designed and supervised the building of the house."3

"In the middle of June of 1914 my father bought as farm at Quairading for which he paid 1000 pounds sterling.''6 Avon Location 8286. Train to Perth.

c.1920: pressure from family to sell farm (for £2000) as Charlie had started C.M. Wilson Pty. Ltd. in Murray Street.6

Had a house in Shenton Park on half an acre. It's still there, although unrecognisable.

Mid-thirties had a heart attack on the boat home from Devonport, got home and Charlie insisted he stop work.6

Jim died on 1 June 1942 in Perth.6


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