William Murray Wilson

Photo 1942.

Murray Wilson (4 June 1914 – 28 September 1953) was a pilot and timber merchant from Perth, Western Australia.

Murray was born in Claremont1 on 4 June 1914 to Jim and Edith Wilson.

His father had a house in Shenton Park on half an acre. It was still there, although unrecognisable, in 2005.

He married Margaret on 2 July 1941.2

Murray served in the RAAF during the Second World War. Service number 406376.3 His father died in June 1942, just after Murray turned 28.

For his service during the war, Murray was awarded4 four campaign stars (1939–45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star & Clasp, and Pacific Star) and three medals (Defence Medal, War Medal 1939–45, and Australia Service Medal 1939-45).

In 1948 C. M. Wilson lent Margaret one thousand pounds.5

By the early `50s, Murray was a director in the timber firm C.M. Wilson Co Pty Ltd which was founded by his uncle Charles William McHarg Wilson and operated from premises on Troode Street in West Perth.6

On the evening of Monday, September 28 1953,789 just prior to a shareholders' meeting at the company offices, Murray and another director (William Ewart Livingstone) were shot dead by a former director10 (and current shareholder) of the company, William Charles Fawcett. The weapon was a sawn-off .303 rifle,11612 with which Fawcett shot each of his victims once through their chests; they were both dead within minutes.6 Murray worked at the office, and Fawcett had waited outside in his vehicle until he saw Livingstone arrive.13 The three men were alone in the office.14 Livingstone had brought his rifle with him that day with the intention of killing both men.15

Fawcett was seen by Livingstone's daughter16 leaving the office after the shooting and driving away. He went home to his wife at their home at 66 Victoria Avenue, Claremont (near Murray's home in Congdon Street, Swanbourne)16, told her what he had done, cleaned the gun, and (it is to be supposed) waited for the police to arrive.15 He was arrested either one17 or four18 hours later. The next day he was charged with murder,18 but later a jury found against this.

He said that his motive was financial: he believed that the directors were trying to cheat him out of his share in the company.15 He had attempted legal action, but didn't have a case.15

The trial was held on the evening of Monday, 14 December, and the elderly'', diminutive'', ``white-haired''14 Fawcett was found not guilty on the grounds of insanity. He was also in the timber trade.16

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