ID Title Date
29 Wendy Ayers nee Hutchinson, baby with rabbit
191 Aubrey Lamond and Aubrey Hall, Carnarvon
170 Portrait of Henry Edward Hall snr
137 Sarah Theodosia Hall
3 Studio portrait of William Shakespeare Hall
2 Letter to Rose Clifton (née Leake) from her sister Connie Leake
166 Letter from James Anderton Hall to his brother
216 Memoir of Early Life by Rev. Samuel Lodge
53 Helen Rose Lodge aged 2½ months
126 Helen Rose Lodge aged 2½ months
135 Robert John Lodge (senior)
130 Helen Lodge, 1892
78 Warehouse and office, Cossack
6 Letter from A.S. Roe to H.A. Hall
10 Aubrey Hall's 'Works of Tennyson'
136 Cossack from the hill above the cemetery
145 Portrait of Aubrey Hall
218 Transcription of Wilson grave in Perth, Scotland
151 Mowaring with two goannas
85 Collection of photos and notes about Bill Byron
208 Jim at work at the PWD
1 Seven Leake sisters in 1904
152 Ernest, Aubrey, and Hannah Hall
163 Bill Byron
4 School photo from 1906, including G.E. Hall
123 Helen Lodge in July 1908
121 Helen Lodge postcard
133 Helen Lodge with her father Thomas
134 Helen Lodge in January 1909
111 Ernest Hall, Eric Stanley, Aubrey Hall, and Helen Lodge in Cossack, c. 1909
124 T.S. and his daughter H.L. Lodge
115 Seated portrait of Helen Rose Lodge
72 Letter to Mary, from p94 of the Wilson newspaper clippings book
119 Helen Lodge, c.1910
46 Hall family house at Cossack (reprint)
73 Thought to be Bill Byron at his camp
209 Poems sent to Aubrey Hall from William Byron
97 Family at Strelly, Busselton
120 Helen Rose Lodge, c.1910
131 Helen Rose Lodge, cut oval print, c.1910
210 Bill Byron in Roebourne or Cossack
132 Helen Hall in Roebourne, 1910
125 'Lady Betty', August 1910
118 Helen Lodge, August 1910
102 Helen Rose Lodge on her wedding day
112 Helen and Aubrey's wedding, outside St Mary's, Busselton
114 1910 Hall-Lodge wedding announcement
172 Aubrey and Helen Hall in Roebourne
138 Helen Rose Lodge, looking down
139 Helen Rose Hall, July 1913
113 Helen Rose Hall in July 1913
205 Wilson newspaper clippings book
122 Helen Hall with her two daughters
54 Helen Hall with Constance and Margaret, c.1915
127 Helen Hall with (probably) Margaret and Constance
82 Helen Hall with her daughters Constance and Margaret
81 Constance Hall with her sister Margaret
147 Ewe before shearing
142 Four photos from Andover Station
144 Windmill down at Andover Station
141 A ewe, brought home
143 Shorn ewe at Andover Station
84 Military portrait of Bill Byron
71 Daniel Ross memorial, order of service
79 Joan and Margaret with a dog at Mt Satirist
36 Joan Hall at Roebourne
45 Ernest Hall and family, in laden car
103 Aubrey Hall in profile
86 Handritten note about Bill Byron
70 Elizabeth Anne, aged 2 years 3 months
49 Ruskin Studio portrait of Aubrey Hall
159 Aubrey Hall in profile, 1920s
92 Linesman Tonkin, Carnarvon
178 Stockmen, Carnarvon
171 Aubrey Hall riding
15 Dorothy (Danby?) riding a horse
179 Stockmen, back of office, Carnarvon
157 Margaret and Joan at Cossack with cats
177 Unknown station homestead from hill
186 HA Hall and droving plant, Carnarvon
155 Inscription on the reverse of a cut photo of Ernest Hall
47 Street in Carnarvon
211 Joan Hall in 1920
162 Lighter carrying sheep, off Cossack
212 Joan Hall, c.1920
146 Aubrey Hall and his hat
35 Joan as a baby at Sherlock Station, near Roebourne
215 Joan Leake Hall, November 1920
213 Joan Hall, November 1920
93 Constance, Joan, and Margaret at Sherlock Station
156 Children at Sherlock Station (copy)
161 Children at Sherlock Station (original)
56 Baby Joan laughing
42 Joan, August 1921
52 Joan Hall, Christmas 1921
39 Child near fence
51 Joan, Christmas 1921 (facing away)
214 Joan Hall, "sardine tin"
165 Margaret and Joan Hall, Cossack
129 Helen Hall in 1924
128 Helen Hall, 1924
176 Aubrey Hall in Cossack, Western Australia
40 Margaret and Joan at Mt Satirist
174 Margaret Hall canoeing in Carnarvon
160 Joan Hall and Helen Glen standing on turtle
9 Norman Watson, Helen Hall, Gwyn Hutchinson at Wooramel c.1926
77 Carnarvon Presentation Convent School, 1927–28
106 Constance, Joan, and Margaret on a nor-west passenger ship
190 Aubrey Hall's outfit on Stuart Street, Carnarvon
117 Helen Hall, Constance Hall, and Helen Lamond, in 1929 in Carnarvon
181 Pat Donegan on the Fascine, Carnarvon
8 Ruth Hammond and Margaret Hall in Carnarvon with a horse
197 Carnarvon Fascine to the south
94 Aubrey Hall and droving plant, Carnarvon
187 Margaret Hall, Carnarvon Fascine
203 Wharf House, Carnarvon
182 Con and Ray Courtney, Carnarvon
116 Card to Joy from Topsham
194 Blow hole at Quobba Station
96 Linesman Tonkin in Carnarvon
158 Young women in Carnarvon
95 Ernest Anderton Hall with his son Henty at Wooramel Station in Western Australia.
204 Joan, Con, etc. in Carnarvon
180 Carnarvon Fascine
183 Bathing in a water tank on Perret's plantation, Carnarvon
196 Rock shelf near Quobba blowhole
34 Constance, Margaret, and Joan with dogs in Carnarvon
199 Quobba blowhole
17 Margaret and Connie or Joan possibly with their mother
185 Constance Hall crabbing in Carnarvon
198 Possibly Chinatown beach, Carnarvon
184 Carnarvon Fascine, in front of 113 Olivia Tce
200 Carnarvon from the air, 1930s
202 Connie Hall, Ken Irvine, Carnarvon
18 Margaret standing near window (tiny print)
41 Joan near the cottage at Wooramel
192 Blow hole at Quobba Station
150 Two horses
195 A still morning at the Fascine, Carnarvon
30 Unknown man and girl standing in front of a hedge
201 A water tank on the Carnarvon-Perth road
173 Float, Carnarvon Jetty, 1930s
193 Blow hole at Quobba Station
25 Margaret in the bush
38 Chancel screen in the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Roebourne
12 Margaret Hall, September 1932
16 The "boy" looking coy
109 Margaret, Christmas 1932
140 The Lodge family at Strelly
64 Joan, fancy dress, eyes open
107 Margaret and Peter Donegan
104 Margaret Hall with her canoe
21 Margaret at Prospect Street in Adelaide
63 Joan, fancy dress, eyes shut
37 Joan Hall and Pat Martin in uniform
167 Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret Hall
105 Bride and bridesmaids at Margaret and Peter's wedding
168 Letter from Aubrey Hall to Margaret in Prospect
206 Extract of C.M. Wilson's birth certificate.
189 View from the back door, in Onslow, 1938
14 Margaret Donegan in 1939 or 1940
153 Aubrey Hall with lambs
99 8 Outram Street, West Perth
67 Dennis Martin in uniform
76 Daisy Mc with dog
100 Margaret Wilson sailing at Safety Bay
68 Two women at (possibly) the Crawley Baths
48 Isobel and George Hall, Sydney
75 Margaret at Edith Wilson's house
154 Murray and Margaret Wilson
108 Hazel Harrison and Margaret Wilson on a jetty
20 Murray and Margaret Wilson at a ball with friends
220 Australian and American nurses in New Guinea
27 Dennis Martin during WW2, possibly in Darwin
110 Margaret Wilson, c.1942
43 Cut print of Joan Hall, passing out parade
50 Joan in the WAAAF
61 Joan's passing out parade, saluting
60 Joan leaving Outram Street in uniform
58 Joan Hall's passing out parade
44 Joan Hall, passing out parade, January 1943
65 Joan getting into a car in her WAAAF uniform
13 Margaret Wilson, hat and weatherboards
59 Joan at Fish Hook Bay, Rottnest
217 Oval portrait of Helen Rose Lodge
98 Joan at Orrong Road in Elsternwick
89 Colour photo of Aubrey Hall in front of his caravan
87 Set of photos of Aubrey Hall with caravan in Como
83 Aubrey Hall in front of his caravan
88 Aubrey Hall in front of his caravan
91 Aubrey Hall in front of his caravan (2)
175 Bilung Pool, Shire of Murchison
33 Hall family home in Carnarvon
66 Constance, Joan, and Margaret at Joan's wedding, 1960
101 Constance, Joan, and Margaret at Joan's wedding
164 Site of Hall family house, Cossack, 1963
188 113 Olivia Terrace, Carnarvon in 1963
31 Manor House School in Ashby de la Zouch, UK
149 Cossack Bond Store
169 Carriage clock repair receipt
90 East Perth Cemeteries, pioneers service, 1969
74 15 black and white photos of the Swan River and elsewhere
7 Hall family home in Carnarvon
80 Envelope containing three photos
28 Faded colour photo of a bore flowing
19 Wendy Hutchinson and David Ayers' wedding, 1971
219 Around Australia by Campervan
207 Newspaper article re Fawcett, 1975
22 Daughters of Pioneers
57 Millstream in 1979
148 The homestead at Millstream, 1979
62 Trees and river, maybe Wongong
55 Wongong farm, c.1980
11 Autobiography by Constance Berryman, 1983
26 Rae Hussey, Margaret Wilson, Adele's husband Jim, and Joan
5 Gwen Hutchinson (Perth, 1987)
23 Marg, Con, and Joan c.1990
24 Margaret, Constance, and Joan c.1990
69 Cossack Courthouse during the new museum opening weekend